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X-Rite is the global leader in colour science and technology.


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X-Rite Photo South Africa is the specialist distributor for X-Rite’s range of products aimed specifically at the photographic market. We offer a range of solutions to suit everyone, from novice to professional photographers.

Our range includes ColorMunki solutions for the accurate calibration of displays, projectors and printers. Our ColorMunki solutions eliminates the frustration and irritation to allow you to focus on what you love doing.

The i1 colour management solutions offer professional photographers the means to calibrate and create custom profiles, ensuring professional standard colour accuracy throughout a workflow.  Our i1 colour management solutions give you the flexibility you need to achieve precise colour, every time.

The ColorChecker range provides colour references to ensure the capture of accurate colour during a shoot, providing predictable standards under every lighting condition. Our range of ColorChecker targets helps you to capture accurate colours from the beginning, allowing you to minimise colour adjustments.

No matter what your colour needs are, X-Rite Photo Europe provides colour management solutions to ensure accurate and consistent colour results from capture to print.